What is Audiology?

Audiology is the branch and science of medicine concerned with the sense of hearing. It is involved in the prevention, identification, and evaluation of hearing disorders, the selection and evaluation of hearing aids, and the habilitation/rehabilitation of individuals with hearing impairment.

Why might your child need audiology?

If you notice a hearing problem in your baby or toddler, we can start taking steps early to help improve his or her hearing. The first step would be to take your child to an audiologist who is trained to understand how hearing works.

What services do audiologists provide?

The Children’s Developmental Center offers high quality, integrated Audiology services, including a state of the art Audiology booth, to children of all ages. There are additional services that audiologists provide:

  • Examine patients who have hearing, balance, or related ear problems
  • Assess the results of the examination and diagnose problems
  • Determine and administer treatment
  • Fit and dispense hearing aids
  • Counsel patients and their families on ways to listen and communicate, such as by lip reading or through sign language
  • See patients regularly to check on hearing and balance and to continue or change the treatment plan
  • Keep records on the progress of patients
  • Conduct research related to the causes and treatment of hearing and balance disorders

If you are concerned with your child’s hearing or other aspects of audiology, an evaluation may be needed. When conducting an evaluation, the audiologist will gain information from you that will help assess the level of function that your child is currently at. It will also help to create a plan to best address improving your child’s hearing and similar abilities. You can schedule an evaluation by calling the Children’s Developmental Center at 440-984-2416.


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