Last year, the Children’s Developmental Center helped more than 740 children with special needs grow, succeed in school and build the skills needed to achieve maximum potential throughout their lives. Through the 8,160 hours of therapies and summer camp activities, the Children’s Developmental Center gave special needs children the keys to unlock their future!

The need for early intervention services offered by the Children’s Developmental Center is skyrocketing.

Nationally, it is estimated that 1 of every 6 children is born with a developmental disability. 222 of the 598 children born in Lorain County in 2014 will be diagnosedCDC_Donate with at least 1 developmental delay that will require early intervention treatment in order for them to succeed in school and life.*   Unfortunately, while the need for Children’s Developmental Center services is increasing, the resources available to provide critically needed early intervention services to special needs Lorain County children is decreasing. We need your help to make sure that early intervention services are available to all children with special needs living in Lorain County!

The Children’s Developmental Center is committed to improving the lives of all special needs children living throughout Lorain County, regardless of their families’ ability to afford or pay for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and/or counseling services. Too many children do not receive needed support because their parents are uninsured or are unable to pay the high cost of deductibles or co-pays. The Children’s Developmental Center offers scholarships to needy families to help pay the cost of treatment, to make sure all disabled Lorain County children are given a head start in life! We rely on the generosity of individuals like you to make the Children’s Developmental Center can continue to provide effective treatment, regardless of family’s ability to pay!

Help make a difference in the lives of special needs children and consider making a gift to the Children’s Developmental Center. Of every $1 you contribute, more than $0.85 is used to provide scholarships to families who cannot afford treatment, operate Summer Camps and provide Outpatient Treatment directly to disabled children and their families.

Consider leaving a lasting legacy by designating a portion of your estate to benefit the Children’s Developmental Center.

Even a small fraction of your estate can make a big difference to many deserving children with special needs and their families, today and for many years to come, as a lasting tribute to your commitment to improving life in Lorain County!

For more information on how your estate can improve children’s’ lives now and in the future, contact Children’s Developmental Center.

* (source: Help Me Grow)generic Bentyl