Ocular Motor Dysfunction

Ocular Motor Dysfunction – also known as Eye Movement/ Tracking Problems – occur when the eye muscles do not coordinate and move together to track, scan and focus on objects.

Causes of Ocular Motor Dysfunction can range from Delayed Motor Development to a condition involving the Central Nervous System.

If your child has been diagnosed with Ocular Motor Dysfunction, he/she may have trouble reading, keeping place on a page and copying things from the board at school. Your child may also suffer with eye fatigue, struggle keeping focus on an object and have trouble with his/her visual memory. Your child may also have trouble with spatial awareness, or knowing where things are in relation to him/herself (e.g., does your child tend to bump into things? Does she seem to have a poor sense of where her body begins and the wall starts? ), hand-eye coordination and balance.

The Children’s Developmental Center offers the following tips for helping your child if he/she has Ocular Motor Dysfunction.

Ocular Motor Dysfunction Tips

Infants/ Toddlers
Tummy Time – it is important for developing “focusing skills” and control of the head and neck

Grasping/ Reaching Games – games and activities where your child reaches/grasps toys in various planes

Following a Slow Moving Object in Horizontal, Vertical and Circular patterns

Hide and Seek – helps to build visual memory skills

I Spy Games

Rolling and Catching a Ball


School Age/ Adolescents
Seek and Find Games

Simple Mazes, Puzzles, Crossword Games and Word Searches

Ping Pong


I Spy Games

Find all of the “e”s in a newspaper article or page of a book

When Reading – Follow words using a Finger or Pencil to keep track of where they are

Near Point Coping Skills

Sitting in the Front of the Class or Near the Board during Class Exercises


If you notice your child is having difficulty with any of these tasks, a Children’s Developmental Center Occupational Therapist can help you to develop a home exercise program.

For more information, or to schedule an evaluation with a highly qualified Occupational Therapist, please call:

(440) 984 -2416

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