2017 Service Transition FAQ’s

FAQ for Parents

Mercy Health – Children’s Developmental Center

Why is the Children’s Development Center closing?

Over the past several years, decreases in funding have made operating the CDC fiscally challenging. Our board of directors wanted to ensure that our services continue and found that the best way for that to happen was to find a like-minded provider that shares our commitment to children’s health.

Why did you select Mercy to transition services to?

While other organizations were considered, Mercy was chosen because of its mission and high-quality pediatric therapy program. We know that you will benefit from Mercy’s vast knowledge and comprehensive array of services available to you and your child.

Will you still offer your annual summer camps?

Yes. The CDC will continue to offer services at their facility including summer camp(s) through July 2017. Mercy’s pediatric therapy staff will be on hand to observe the summer camps to help support the transition.

My child is currently receiving therapy at one of the local schools. Do I need to do anything differently through the end of the school year?

No. The CDC’s contract with the schools will continue through the end of the school year. 

What is Mercy doing to ensure they can provide therapy services in the local schools?

Mercy is in the process of submitting proposals to the local school districts currently served by the CDC with an offer to continue serving students who need therapy services in the 2017-2018 school year. In the proposals Mercy is submitting to the local schools, the cost structure is very similar to the one the CDC already has in place with them, and is very competitive within the market.

What if Mercy is not selected by my child’s school to continue therapy services?

Mercy is committed to continue serving local students with high-quality therapy services. Again, to help ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, Mercy’s proposals to the schools are very similar to the agreements the CDC already has in place with them, and is very competitive within the market. Should your child’s school decide to select another provider, you will receive more information from the school on that transition process.

Will my child continue seeing the same therapist(s)?

We know how important it is for your child to feel comfortable with their therapist, so Mercy is actively recruiting current CDC staff to continue in a similar role.

My child currently receives therapy at the CDC’s facility in Amherst. Where will we go for services beginning in August?

In August, all outpatient therapy services will transfer to Mercy Rehabilitation Services.  To help make the transition as easy as possible, Mercy will assist in the transfer of care.  Mercy has two convenient locations where your child can continue receiving outpatient therapy services – Mercy Rehabilitation Services of Amherst and North Ridgeville.   

Does Mercy accept the same insurance for outpatient therapy services?

Mercy accepts most insurance plans. Please see your insurance carrier’s policy to ensure Mercy Rehabilitation Services is included on your plan.

I have supported various fundraisers for the CDC. Where will those dollars be going?

Once the CDC fully transitions services to Mercy, any remaining operational funds will be transferred to the Mercy Foundation of Lorain County to support therapy and similar services to children.

Who do I call if I have further questions?

You and your child are our priorities, and we want you to feel comfortable during this transition.

If you have additional questions, please contact:

  • Jenna Harrington, CDC Office Manager, at (440) 984-2416
  • Carrie Rittenhouse, Mercy Manager of Occupational and Speech Therapy, at (440) 960-3480.